collaboration with Jessyca R. Hauser

BLISSSQUAD formed as a performative aspect of the Viennese club event Bliss hosted by Marlene Engel and is an ongoing project.

BLISSSQUAD, founded in 2016 by Lilly Pfalzer & Jessyca R. Hauser, was formed out of the framework of the Viennese club event Bliss hosted by Marlene Engel. BLISSSQUAD supports local and international musicians, artists and DJ‘s by providing
performative collaboration. The performance usually lasts up to 6 hours and changes throught the events. We perform on stage or/and in the venue in general (hallways, bathrooms, next to the securites etc.).
BLISSSQUAD reinvents itself with every performance, reacting to the lineup, location and themes of the events it attends. It is an ongoing project that feeds on flexibility, improvisation, excess, generosity, togetherness, trust and commitment.

"(...) Bliss sees club culture as a multilayered approach that seeks to cultivate a hierarchy-free togetherness on dance floors and beyond. It ventures to promote a non binary understanding of self-chosen identities. (...) Multi-talented artists Lilly Pfalzer and Jessyca R. Hauser organize a performative contribution to each party - another embodiment of non binary constructs - under the name of BLISSSQUAD. Their appearances and interventions range from dance to covering up gender-specific bathroom signage to creating fictitious warnings such as "Feelings forbidden."

Natalie Brunner, Bliss Vienna. in: Flash Art Magazine Issue November / December 2016, p. 64

Costume Design by Lilly Pfalzer
Make-Up by Jessyca R. Hauser

BLISSSQUAD performed 2016 with
FAUNA at Postgarage, Graz
BLISS x NAAFI, Roxy Club Vienna
CRITICAL JOY w PEACHES and Keith Hennessey, MUMOK Vienna
BLISS x Princess Nokia, Opera Club Vienna
Electric Spring hosted by BLISS, MQ Hofstallungen

Image 1-3 © Saleh Rozati
Image 4 BLISS Graphics © Esther Straganz
Image 5-7 © Julian Cech
Image 8-9 © Lydia Daniller